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Welcome & Introduction to OSM Science 2023

by OSM Science 2023 Scientific Committee

OSM Science Lightning Talks

by Reid Passmore, Edson Augusto Melanda, Francis Andorful & Beatrice Olivari

Assessing Bike-Transit Accessibility

Reid Passmore; Georgia Institute of Technology; Kari E Watkins; University of California at Davis; Randall Guensler; Georgia Institute of Technology;

OpenStreetMap Data for Automated Labelling Machine Learning Examples: The Challenge of Road Type Imbalance

Edson Augusto Melanda; Federal University of São Carlos; University of Heidelberg Benjamin Herfort; Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology Veit Ulrich; University of Heidelberg Francis Andorful; University of Heidelberg Alexander Zipf; University of Heidelberg; Hidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Tecnology

Exploring Road and Points of Interest (POIs) Associations in OpenStreetMap, A New Paradigm for OSM Road class Prediction

Andorful Francis, Heidelberg University Christina Ludwig, Heidelberg University

Are Italian cities already 15-minute? Presenting a glocal proximity index, based on open data [ONLINE]

Beatrice Olivari, Deda Next; Angela Cimini, Sapienza University of Rome, Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA)

Vasco Da Gama