Antwerp, Belgium

State of the Map EU 2023

This year’s State of the Map Europe Conference (SotM EU), taking place in Belgium, will bring together the brightest and most active members of the OpenStreetMap mapping and developing community for a detailed exchange of results and ideas that support the continued success of the various initiatives by strengthening the ongoing projects and collaboration.

People Attending
Antwerp, Belgium

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TomTom has supported this conference from the beginning as a production partner in collaboration with OpenStreetMap Belgium.


State of the Map will take place at the BluePoint conference center in Antwerp, Belgium.

The conference center is only 10 minutes from Berchem station. Easily accessible by car and public transport. Parking facilities can be found both above and underground and there is no lack of sustainability. Electric charging stations are available on-site, and for the sports enthusiasts who come cycling, we provide a bicycle shed.

About OpenStreetMap

Founded in 2004, the OpenStreetMap community enables millions of individuals to contribute up to date information about their local surroundings and neighborhoods.

OpenStreetMap makes geospatial data available to everyone, for free, under an open license. It has revolutionized the way we see, use and sell mapping data and services. State of the Map enables this community to keep up to date with the ever-changing geospatial industry by providing opportunities to meet the wider community of software developers, volunteers and users.

The SotM Europe event

The State of the Map European organizing committee, in collaboration with the OpenStreetMap Belgium community, is organizing the State of the Map Europe 2023 conference (SotM EU 2023) taking place on November 10th – 12th in Antwerp, Belgium.

State of the Map addresses and builds bridges between OSM mappers and community activists, open- source developers, researchers from universities and academic institutions, designers, cartographers, as well as GIS professionals from private and public institutions.

This conference offers an opportunity for this diverse group of individuals, from various disciplines and backgrounds, to meet and exchange knowledge, experiences and plans for developing use and improvement of OSM. Around 400 attendees are expected to participate in this conference from Europe and from all over the world. The conference will be offered as a hybrid event, allowing additional participants to join via live- stream if they are unable to join in-person.

OSMScience 2023

OSMScience 2023 is a meeting focused on the scientific study of OpenStreetMap. Its 6th edition will be part of the State of the Map Europe 2023 conference where a full day of sessions will be dedicated to scientific research about, and with, OpenStreetMap.

The goal of OSMScience 2023 is to showcase the research and innovation of scientific investigations into OpenStreetMap, while at the same time providing a bridge to connect members of the OpenStreetMap community and the scientific community through an open passage to exchange ideas and opportunities for increased collaboration. We expect empirical, methodological, conceptual, or literature-review-based contributions addressing any scientific aspect related to OpenStreetMap, in particular, but not limited to, data collection, integration and quality analysis in OpenStreetMap; contribution patterns and the human/social dimensions of the project; integration of machine learning and applications in which OpenStreetMap takes a central role.

In an effort to improve the interaction and collaboration between the academic and the more general OpenStreetMap communities, authors are invited to particularly highlight the practical implications or impacts of their research on the OpenStreetMap community at large.

More information on OSMScience 2023 website!

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