Antwerp, Belgium

Ungap the Map: designing moonshot cycling networks

Dustin Carlino

Imagine every road in your region was safe for cycling, and many of the short driving trips that happen today were instead done by cycling. Which would be the most used roads? In this workshop, we'll start from OpenStreetMap and public census data and use 3 open source tools at different spatial resolutions to calculate this and design an improved cycling network.

1) First we'll create a national travel demand model, calculate millions of routes in minutes, and determine the most important roads to prioritize.

2) Then we'll use a web app to quickly sketch and share ideas for improvements.

3) Finally we'll design a low-traffic neighbourhood to create quieter residential streets.

The workshop will use open source software developed at the Alan Turing Institute in collaboration with Active Travel England. Minimal technical background required to follow along, and we'll be able to apply the methods anywhere with sufficient OSM coverage.