Antwerp, Belgium

Ramani-Maps: a new Android Compose library for Mapbox and MapLibre

Jonas Vautherin

Ramani-Maps is a new open source maps library exposing an Android Jetpack Compose interface to manipulate Mapbox and MapLibre. It was first created because neither Mapbox nor MapLibre had a Compose interface, which has become the default on Android.

We strive to maintain a nearly identical API between the Mapbox and MapLibre versions, ensuring effortless transition between the two.

While Ramani-Maps supports standard static annotations such as markers, symbols, circles, polylines, and polygons, it emphasizes interactive map editing - an aspect often intricate in other libraries. Creating a user interface allowing users to define map areas (e.g. through interactive polygons) or paths (e.g. in a hiking app for planning routes) becomes remarkably simple with Ramani-Maps.

Although the library is relatively new, it improves steadily. This presentation will show how Ramani-Maps works and what can be done with it.