Antwerp, Belgium

Improving the accuracy of earthquake risk estimates with OpenStreetMap building data

Tara Evaz Zadeh

We improve the accuracy of earthquake loss estimation by increasing the information content of models describing the building stock. This is done using OpenStreetMap building properties (number of stories and occupancy) and results in significantly more accurate damage assessment due to better knowledge of the buildings affected by earthquakes.

Tara Evaz Zadeh; GFZ-Potsdam Laurens Jozef Nicolaas Oostwegel; GFZ-Potsdam Lars Lingner; GFZ-Potsdam Simantini Shinde; GFZ-Potsdam Fabrice Cotton; GFZ-Potsdam Danijel Schorlemmer; GFZ-Potsdam

Vasco Da Gama