Antwerp, Belgium

Hands-on iD development

Martin Raifer

The iD editor is a central piece of software in the OSM ecosystem and used by thousands of mappers every day. In its over 11 years long development history, it has certainly accumulated some peculiarities and specifics. One example would be its reliance on the "d3" framework for everything UI related, which works quite differently from more modern popular approaches of building single page javascript applications.

This workshop starts with an overview of the technology, architecture and core concepts of the iD editor. This is followed by showing some of the used software development design patterns in form of examples from the code base. Important development commands and contributing guidelines are also showcased. After this, a hands-on part follows which illustrates how a small feature would be implemented in iD. Finally, there will be also some time reserved for questions from the audience.

The target audience for this workshop are people who know at least some programming and are potentially be interested into contributing a bug fix or implementing a small feature in the iD editor, as well as people who are just curious about how the iD editor is built under the hoods.

Vasco Da Gama