Antwerp, Belgium

Fostering OSM’s Micromapping Through Combined Use of Artificial Intelligence and Street-View Imagery

Kauê de Moraes Vestena

This work focuses on micromapping using street-view imagery and AI techniques to enhance OpenStreetMap (OSM). Micromapping involves mapping small geographic objects and has applications in infrastructure, security, 3D modeling, and more. Despite OSM's vast data, micromapping remains limited. The proposed methodology combines AI-based semantic segmentation and monocular depth estimation to accelerate OSM data generation. The process involves selecting an image, segmenting objects, generating 3D patches, and translating them into OSM data. Testing and future work involve accuracy improvement and data integration challenges. This approach can enrich OSM, enabling diverse applications and addressing specific urban needs.

Kauê de Moraes Vestena, Federal University of Paraná Silvana Philippi Camboim, Federal University of Paraná Daniel Rodrigues dos Santos, Militar Institute of Engineering

Vasco Da Gama