Antwerp, Belgium

Exploring OSM-based geospatial datasets: insights from the Italian National Summary Database (DBSN)

Alessandro Sarretta

In recent years (and months), various open datasets including a varying degree of information derived from OpenStreetMap have been released and made available to the geographic community for broader reuse. Some international examples include, among others, Microsoft GlobalML Building Footprints, Overture Maps Data, EUBUCCO, Digital Building Stock Model (DBSM). In Italy, the National Summary Database (DBSN) has recently been published at a national coverage level. All these datasets have different modes of access, origins, purposes, and characteristics that make them more or less suitable for the purposes of users who may be interested in reusing them. The presentation aims to provide an overview of the current status and key characteristics of these open geospatial datasets, providing detailed examples with a particular focus on the DBSN, which has been recently updated by the IGM (Italian Military Geographical Institute) with data from all Italian regions. Examples of congruences and incongruences with OpenStreetMap data will be presented, along with technical, semantic, and legal opportunities and challenges for integrating these datasets back with OpenStreetMap.